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Warning Signs For Furnace Repair


Your furnace plays an important role in your home and is a must-have during those cold winter months, but if something goes wrong it can end up spelling disaster for you and your family. Emergency furnace repair services can prove costly, so you want to get your furnace repaired before the problem becomes too serious and you find yourself in a pinch. To avoid any serious furnace problems or ending up having to conduct a full replacement, you will want to keep an eye out for any signs that you should see about calling on a professional furnace repair contractor.

  1. Increase in Electrical Bills: If your heating bills have been continually on the rise, you should have your furnace looked at. It may not be the problem and you could have issues with insulation or sealing, but if these are all in check then your furnace is most likely the issue.
  2. Check the Pilot Light: If your pilot light is yellow then you have a problem. The color of the flame is determined by a combination of gasses, and if its yellow then you may be suffering from carbon monoxide issues. Instead you want to make certain that the flame is blue.
  3. Noise: A furnace should not produce a serious amount of noise, banging and groaning are sounds that often indicate that something is wrong. Furnaces are noisy by nature, but these sounds can indicate a need for belt repair or other solutions.
  4. Older Furnace: If your furnace is more than 15 years old, you will want to have it inspected, repaired, and routine maintenance performed upon it. Most furnaces last between 15-20 years, so you need to keep a careful eye out for any problem during this period.
  5. Air Quality: If you and your family have noticed a decrease in the air quality of your home after you’ve had to turn the furnace on, then this may mean that you have a buildup of mold, dust, and other contaminants in your system. Having your furnace repaired can help to alleviate these concerns.

Keeping your furnace in peak condition is a must if you want to keep your energy costs low and not have to run the risk of unexpected system failure or having to conduct a replacement that you cannot afford. Conducting routine maintenance and repairs are the best way to keep your furnace functioning properly, and the assistance of professional Los Angeles HVAC contractor will go a long way to achieving that end. Make certain that you turn to the experienced team at Western Heating Air Conditioning & Plumbing for all of your Los Angeles furnace repairs.

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