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How To Tell If You Need Furnace Repairs In Orange County

furnace repairIf you own a home in Orange County, it’s a good idea to learn about heating repairs and how they relate to your heating system. One aspect of heating repairs is how important they are to lengthen the life of the heating system. Learning a little about the components and how they function will help you make decisions such as when to get heating repairs.

Everyone deserves a good quality of life. An important aspect of a quality life involves being comfortable inside our homes. When the furnace doesn’t work, it brings that quality of living down temporarily. With a reliable heating system, we stay comfortable and happy with indoor temperatures.

Furnace repairs are important, but you may not always know when they need to take place. The Orange County plumbers & heating contractors at Western Heating, Air Conditioning, & Plumbing have some information you’ll want to know about your furnace and how to tell if it needs repairs.

How To Tell If You Need Furnace Repairs In Orange County

Furnaces and central forced air heating systems are common in Orange County because of our moderate temperatures. Central forced air heating systems have an air handler which processes the air. The air handler is located indoors and distributes air throughout the home. It consists of a large box which has the furnace, cooling elements, blower, filter racks or possibly chambers, dampers, and sound attenuators.

You may not realize just how extensive the heating system is because it’s all enclosed in a neat box. However, there are hundreds of moving parts within. Any part within the heating system can weaken or fail, which means it’s time for furnace repairs. Call an Orange County furnace repair contractor if you notice:

  • Tepid air temperature coming from air vents
  • No air flow through vents
  • Burning rubber or plastic smells
  • Loud or unusual sounds
  • Inconsistent temperatures throughout house

Other Signs For Furnace Repairs

On central forced heating systems, the indoor air handler houses the furnace and the outdoor system is called the condensing unit or condenser. Sometimes the problem with the furnace isn’t with the indoor system but is located inside the outdoor system.

There is a large fan that blows up from the top of the condenser. This fan pulls air in across refrigerant coils which are wound around the sides of the unit. It draws the air in through the sides and then up and out the top. If the indoor equipment is running but the outdoor fan isn’t turning and the unit doesn’t hum, it’s not working properly.

Signs For Gas Furnace Repairs

One of the most common problems that cause gas furnace repairs is a clog or pinch in the gas lines. This causes the flame to be yellow instead of pure blue. If it’s not a pinch or clog in the line, there could be a flame sensor issue if it becomes dirty. The furnace may also be cycling on and off repeatedly.

More Tips on Furnace Repairs

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